Join the Committee
In some aspects we have our own circus and we would love for you to join! Perhaps this sounds a bit strange, but as staff we would be greatly excited to have a committee meeting full of life and passion! The committee oversees the functions of the clowns, or staff if you prefer :), and the various aspects of the ministry! As a member of the committee, you would need to participate in the monthly meetings as well as lend active involvement to the ministry. Will you consider applying?

Host a 5-Day Club
Every circus needs a ring leader running the show under the big top! In the same way, every neighborhood needs someone, or a group of “someones”, steering the children toward the Lord. Through a 5-Day Club, you can do just that! Invite the kids, offer a snack, and participate as trained teens and young adults teach Gospel truths. It probably will not be as tight as squishing everyone in a clown car, but when the kids crowd in you never know what exactly to expect! Call and schedule your club, then wait and see what God can do in your own backyard!

Take a Shift at the Fair (and run with it!)
Generally, a circus is filled with many attractions and acts, but so are many county fairs. Among the crowds and noisy tents, you just might find a Gospel Face Painting tent run by dedicated volunteers! You could be one of the painters sharing the Gospel. You need not be a lion tamer or a trapeze artist, although those skills may come in handy when it comes to calming the antsy ones down, you just need a willing heart and a teachable spirit! So call to take a shift for a run!