Heart with xIn CEF we have a visual to show the child who is in need of salvation, whose soul is lost in sin. It looks something like the image seen to the right!
The world also has a visual to show their aim, to express what they are trying to achieve. The thing for which they seek as most Circle Mapprecious, they draw out and illustrate with an interesting visual. It sits to the left, I believe the phrase is, “‘X’ marks the spot!”
As a missions organization, CEF holds tightly to the belief that Christians are not to be of the world, but in it (Romans 12:2). Thus, we view our mission to be something like a treasure hunt! “‘X’ marks the spot” of a soul lost in sin, a soul to be won for Christ and strengthened in Him! CEF’s training programs target these very goals!

Teaching Children Effectively Level 1

This 30-hour course is focused on “soul-winning”. This course is packed with exciting ways to evangelize children, whether it is through a Scripture verse, a Bible lesson, or just a brief meeting. In TCE Level 1, you will learn how to teach meaningful truths, rather than comforting stories. The goal is to inspire each student to share the Gospel with every opportunity possible!

Some classes taught in this course include:

  • The Child in the New Testament
  • The Importance of Conversion
  • How to Lead a Child to Christ
  • Encouraging the Newly Converted Child
  • Counseling the Child for Salvation
  • The Neighborhood Outreach
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Teaching with Music

Participants must be:

  • A born-again Christian!
  • At least 15 years of age
  • Willing to participate in all class activities including practicum sessions!
  • Willing to undergo a criminal record check along with other Child Protection Policy paperwork (NO exemptions will be granted!!!)

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2

This 30-hour course builds on TCE 1, but strives to help the children to be strengthened in their faith by time in the Scripture. In this course, fun-filled classes will teach how to encourage a devotional life, Scripture memory, an interest in missions, and how to share a Bible lesson focused for growth of the saved child. TCE 2 will push to give children more, as young believers they need spiritual growth just as much as an adult would! The goal is to present truths focused on growth, so these children strive in and share their faith with a sinful world!

Some classes taught in this course include:

  • General Concepts of Spiritual Development
  • Basic Needs of the Child
  • Teaching Confession of Sin
  • The Christian Child’s Devotional Life
  • Developing the Child’s Appreciation of God
  • Being a Witness for God
  • Teaching Missions
  • Christian Conduct

Participants must have a TCE Level 1 certificate!

Christian Youth In Action®

Christian Youth In Action, commonly referred to as CYIA, is a program focused on the hunt for lost souls, but it all begins with an intensive two week training on how to share the journey toward the treasure of eternal reward! Teenagers and young adults are invited to participate in this short-term, home-based summer missions opportunity. Contact us to see how you can join the hunt!

Other Training Opportunities

In addition to TCE Levels 1 & 2, each fall and spring a variety of curriculum overviews are offered. Please contact us for more information about the next training opportunity available!
Finally, each summer Gospel Face Painting Training classes are offered. These sessions teach how the Gospel can be shared while painting the face of a child, the method used at several county fairs near you! More information to come!